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Dutch Food Retail Market Opportunities

Connecting Food Manufacturers, Business Partners & Retail in FMCG
- International Food Business Network

  Amsterdam, 3 & 4 November 2009

An initiative of the International Food Business Network (IFBN)
- for Business Development and Market Strategy -

The "Dutch Food Retail Market Opportunities" meeting will offer support to food manufacturing companies operating in The Netherlands and in Europe and to food companies that seek to enter European markets such as the Dutch Food Retail Market.

The Dutch Food Retail Market Meeting will assist food manufacturers in:

> Building bridges to the Dutch food retail market
> Growing the business network with new contacts in retail, food manufacturers and key
  service companies
> Enabling better market assessment
> Reducing market access barriers, and
> Increasing their know-how and marketing skills.

In other words, the Dutch Food Retail Market Meeting and the network of the IFBN can help to grow your business and build on your success. The second aim of this IFBN meeting is to form a bridge between different food manufacturers by establishing international relationships and expanding your business network.
Who will come?

The Dutch Food Retail Market meeting intended for decision makers working with:

> Food Manufacturers
> Retailers
> Importers, Distributors
> Market & Consumer Insight companies, Media & PR companies
> Consultants

The meetings are designed for the following job functions:

> Managing Directors, CEOs, Business Owners
> Marketing Directors, Sales and Export Directors
> New Business Development Directors
> Category Managers> Market Reserarch & Information Managers

The meetings is open to food manufacturers from all over the world. However, the organisers of the IFBN offer food manufacturers also the opportunity to become a so-called manufacturing member. Joining the network has substantial benefits (>Read-on Membership Benefits).

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