Austria: dairy/cow milk data 2019

In Austria in 2019 the production of cow milk decreased one percent to 3781000 tons. Of this volume 89.3 percent went to processing dairies. Of the rest of 244000 tons or 6.5 percent was on the farm fed to calves and other animals and 122000 tons or 3.2 percent was on the farm processed and or direct used or sold for human consumption.
In Austria in 2019 the number of dairy cows decreased 2.1 percent to 527000 head and their average milk production increased 1.1 percent to 7200 kilogram.
Austrian dairies took in 2019 a volume of 584974 tons organic milk in. This was 18.6 percent of the total milk intake and 16611 tons or 2.9 percent more than in 2018. Production of almost all organic dairy products increased. Production of organic drink milk increased 9.9 million kilogram or eight percent to 130 million kilogram. Main increase was made with pasteurized drink milk with 3.5 percent fat. Production of this increased 7.4 million kilogram. Main part of organic drink milk was still extended shelf life (E.S.L.) milk with 3.5 percent fat. Of this was 71.6 million kilogram produced.

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