Denmark: Arla aims at e-commerce leadership

The Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla aims in Europe to double its sales via its customers’ online platforms and to become dairy market leader for e-commerce. Arla states that it is developing its existing e-commerce plans three to five years ahead of schedule, increasing investments in its online presence, extending the number of expert e-commerce employees across the sales and marketing organization in the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland and aims to double the retail sales ambition from EUR 300 mio to EUR 600 mio by 2025 across Europe. With the new e-commerce strategy Arla has set an ambitious goal to have ten percent of all retail sales across core European markets come from e-commerce. At the moment, one of Arla’s biggest markets for e-commerce is the UK, where 17 percent of total retail sales come through e-commerce channels. In Arla’s other European markets, it makes up a smaller, but growing, contribution to overall sales with e-commerce accounting for around five to seven percent of sales in key markets of Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.

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