Poland: private dairy company Polmlek implements foreign expansion

The France headquartered private dairy Bel Group and Polmlek the largest private dairy company in Poland have signed an agreement to sell Bel’s stake in the Morrocon dairy Safilait, and the Tarmast farm which supplies Safilait. Morocco is a key market for Bel where it also has a factory and where it will continue to invest. In 2015, the group had expanded its offer in Morocco by acquiring Safilait, a dairy company specializing in the processing, packaging and sale of fresh milk, UHT milk and fresh dairy products. Polmlek offers a wide range of dairy products: Dutch and Swiss-type cheeses, mozzarella, cheese spreads, curd cheeses, creams, yoghurts, butter, UHT milk, powdered milk, milk desserts and others. The transaction will enable Polmlek to implement a long-term plan of foreign expansion.

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