Switzerland: “KlimaStaR Milk” resource project launched

In Switzerland the private dairies Emmi and Nestlé together with the dairy cooperative Aaremilch and the Central Switzerland Milk Producers Cooperative (ZMP), four major players in the Swiss dairy industry, have launched the “KlimaStaR Milk” resource project. This to gain scientifically based insights, in order to make the Swiss dairy industry more competitive and sustainable with respect to climate protection and resource efficiency. Around 300 farms are to be involved in the project and supported by research and milk processors. With a tailored mix of measures, the aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural milk production by 20 percent on average. “KlimaStaR Milk” aims to create a common basis for a more sustainable, resource-saving and land-appropriate Swiss dairy industry and thus position it for long-term success.

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