The Netherlands: derogation permit from EU will be lost

Holland will lose the derogation permit from the EU. For 2022 situation will be the same as last two years for which farms need to have at least 80 pasture and on sandy and loess soils they are allowed to use 230 kilogram nitrogen out of manure and on other soils 250 kilogram. Without derogation this will become 170 kilogram in 2026, after 220 kg in 2023; 210 kg in 2024 and 190 kg in 2025. Also current with derogation, use of phosphate fertilizer is forbidden. When pasture is renewed 50 kilogram nitrogen less is allowed, when pasture is changed to land for maize 65 kilogram less nitrogen is allowed. Manure has to be injected in the soil, however on peat and clay soils manure can be added with trailing shoe technology but with the condition that this is only allowed with a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. Because dairy farms that loose derogation have to dispose the surplus of manure it will cost them tens of thousands euro per year. The government has announced to compensate farms for this but it is unclear how much and under what conditions.

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