The Netherlands: RFC wants to meet the German market demand

In Holland, the dairy cooperative Royal FrieslandCampina increases the number of member dairy farmers that produce farm milk in conformity with the German VLOG standard from 400 to 600. In this way, the dairy company wants to meet the German market demand for Dutch cheese in which milk has been processed from cows that are given feed free from gene technology and graze outside. In 2017, the dairy started a pilot with a number of 183 member dairy farmers for the production of milk in conformity with the VLOG standard. VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) is a German association responsible for the certification and issuing of the ‘Ohne Gentechnik’ label. VLOG certification has impact on the whole chain from cow feed, dairy farm, logistics, milk processing to the shelf. The goal is to produce products without the use of gene technology. Important conditions for meeting the VLOG standard are that participating dairy farmers give their cows feed that is free from gene technology. Additionally participants apply full outside grazing at their farms. Also, the dairy processor has to guarantee that this milk is processed in a separate milk stream. Dairy farms that produce according to the VLOG standard receive an extra reward of 1 cent per kg of milk on top of the outdoor grazing premium.

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