The Netherlands: stronger standards for PlanetProof milk

In Holland the standards for the production of PlanetProof milk have become more strong. PlanetProof milk meets strict requirements for animals, nature and climate. Dairy farms which supply milk under the PlanetProof label receive an extra payment for their milk. Since January 1, 2022 among others the basic standard of feeding protein that originates from the own farm(land) has increased from 50 to 55 percent and for the top level standard from 60 to 65 percent. The standard for age of cows when leaving the farm for slaughter will increase one month per year with in 2022 a basic standard of five years and three months and a top level standard of five years and eight months. With the stronger standards the bonus for PlanetProof milk has increased 0.5 cents to 2.5 eurocents per litre.

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