United Kingdom: Dairy Crest has been fined by court

In the United Kingdom the private dairy Dairy Crest, owned by the Canada headquartered Saputo, and its management of the Davidstow Creamery, Cornwall, has been falling way short of the standards expected by the Environment Agency when it comes to the company’s management of liquid waste, odour and environmental reporting. Because of this a court has fined the dairy BPS 1.52 million (1.80 million euro). The offences included: Releasing a harmful biocide, used to clean the wastewater tanks and pipework, into the river and killing thousands of fish over a two kilometre stretch on 16 August 2016; Coating the River Inny with a noxious, black sludge for five kilometres in 2018, through a release of a mass of suspended solids in July and August 2018; Consistently exceeding limits on substances like phosphorous and suspended solids entering the River Inny, from 2016 up to 2021; Numerous leaks of part-treated effluent into nearby watercourses and onto the land; Foul odours repeatedly affecting residents over many years; Failing to tell the Environment Agency within 24 hours of when things had gone significantly wrong on site, on seven separate occasions. Davidstow Creamery is the UK’s largest dairy processing facility and one of the largest manufacturing sites in Europe. About 1.3 million litres of milk is brought to site daily from about 370 local dairy farms. About 1.2 million litres of treated process effluent is discharged into the upper reaches of the River Inny daily.

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