United Kingdom: report on strong global demand on dairy supply

In the United Kingdom a new report issued by Kite Consulting provides a detailed outline of the strong global demand for dairy and the increasing restrictions on dairy supply because of environmental mitigation measures across dairy exporting nations. Kite estimates suggest that this will result in around 30 billion (10*9) kilogram per year of unsatisfied dairy demand in dairy importing countries by 2030. This is equivalent to roughly twice the entire UK dairy industry’s current annual output. According to Kite, dairy has a key role to play in global nutrition and when looked at on a nutrient-density basis, our analysis highlights that dairy yields nearly four to eight times as much nutrition as plant-based alternatives per unit of CO2 emissions, when considered global warming potential. Policymakers must start to look at dairy and all other foods on a nutrients per kilogram carbon equivalent emissions basis, rather than by kilogram carbon emissions per kilogram of food product. We need a policy framework in dairy exporting nations that allows farmers to deliver decarbonisation whilst at least maintaining and, ideally, increasing, dairy production to meet global demand and avoid food security issues across the globe, according to Kite Consulting.

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