Finland: decreasing milk consumpion

In Finland the consumption of milk decreased last year by almost five percent from the previous year. The consumption of skimmed milk decreased by nearly nine percent, and that of low-fat milk decreased by approximately three percent. The consumption of whole milk was almost at the level of the previous year. All in all, approximately 107 litres of milk was consumed per capita last year, of which nearly a third was skimmed milk, 57 percent was low-fat milk and just over tenper cent was whole milk. On average, the consumption of dairy products either declined slightly or remained unchanged. The consumption of yoghurt remained at the previous year’s level. The consumption of sour milk and curdled milk (viili) decreased by four to five percent. The consumption of other milk-based products, such as flavoured quarks, grew. In 2018, the total consumption of liquid milk products was 155 kilograms per capita, or approximately three percent less than in the previous year. The consumption of cheese remained almost unchanged at 26 kilograms. The consumption of butter was also of the same order as in the previous year at 3.5 kilograms.

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