Finland: microalgae suitable substitute in dairy cow nutrition

In Finland the results research shows that microalgae are a suitable substitute for soybean meal and faba beans in dairy cow nutrition. Studies show that there are no biological or physiological constraints for protein feed use of microalgae. Microalgae are slightly inferior to rapeseed meal as indicated by results of milk production and N utilisation. The greatest challenge limiting the feed use of microalgae for lactating dairy cows is their poorer palatability relative to conventional feeds. Also the production costs of microalgae are so far too high.

Denmark: Arla takes part in a new public-private partnership in Nigeria

The Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla takes in Nigeria part in a new public-private partnership with Kaduna state and the Nigerian government. The state and the national government will offer 1000 nomadic dairy farmers permanent lands with access to water and Arla will be the commercial partner that will purchase, collect, process and bring the local milk to the market.

Denmark: two external advisors with Arla

The Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla has announced the appointment of two external advisors to its board of directors. They are expected to bring global digital, marketing and technology expertise to complement the strong commercial and farming knowledge of its elected board members, according to Arla. The appointments are mrs. Florence Rollet, a venture partner with LuxuryTechFund in Paris and former board member at French spirits company giant Remy Cointreau; and mrs. Nana Bule, CEO of Microsoft in Denmark and board member at Energinet. So far Arla’s board of directors consists of 15 farmer owners who are elected by the board of representatives and three employee representatives.

Denmark: label „Bedre Dyrevelfaerd“ will be introduced in 2020

Denmark will in 2020 introduce a quality label for animal welfare for dairy products, veal and beef.  The label Bedre Dyrevelfaerd which means better animal welfare is under auspices of the ministry of food and agriculture and supported by organizations of involved branches, among others farmers and animal welfare organizations. The label is put on consumer product packages. The label has three levels, visible with one two or three heart signs. It is the intention that producers for a higher level get a higher compensation for the extra costs.

Ireland: Aurivo starts fixed milk Price scheme

The Irish second biggest dairy cooperative Aurivo with around 1000 milk suppliers has started a new fixed milk price scheme, not only for members but for all milk suppliers in Ireland and Northern Ireland that meet the requirement for suppliers. The scheme runs from October 2019 until October 2020. Irish suppliers can for a volume of maximum of ten percent of their 2018 monthly supply get a guaranteed base price of 31.5 eurocents per litre milk. With the average solids of the suppliers this would be a farmers price of 35.6 eurocents per litre milk. This is the fifth year that Aurivo offers a fixed milk price to suppliers.

Ireland: DCNI regarding NO-Deal-Brexit

The Northern Ireland dairy council (DCNI) warns that in the event of No-Deal Brexit, Northern Ireland’s (NI) dairy industry is facing a major crisis in terms of the ability service profitable markets, to process all milk and support the jobs and livelihoods of more than 3000 farm families across Northern Ireland. DCNI represents milk processors in NI including Dale Farm, Glanbia Cheese, Glanbia Ireland and Lakeland Dairies. These four companies account for over 90 percent of the 2.4 billion (10*9) litres of milk collected from NI farms each year.