Denmark: better financing options for Danish dairy farmers

In Denmark to give Danish dairy farmers better financing options, the state-owned Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) will give dairy farmers who score on Arla’s Climate Check an interest discount on loans. The discount can reduce the interest rate to a minimum of 30 percent of the base rate. The aim of this is to stimulate the green and sustainable transition of Danish agriculture and food production, so that it is also competitive to produce food in Denmark in the future. Starting with dairy farmers, it’s primarily because 38 percent of CO2 emissions from primary agricultural production come from livestock farming and livestock accounts for more than 80 percent of that. A rapid green transition will have a major effect here, according to EIFO. The fact that Arla’s Climate Check forms the basis for the financing conditions for dairy farmers does not mean that only Arla’s milk producers can get better conditions with EIFO. Arla’s Climate Check is expected to be available to all Danish dairy farmers in the course of 2024.

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