Finland: Arla introduced Single Estate Organic Milk

In Finland the Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla has introduced a product, the Single Estate Organic Milk, produced in Finland, which is the first dairy product in the world to have its production chain saved into a blockchain. Arla’s blockchain is called the Arla Milkchain. A blockchain operates similarly as bookkeeping or a database, in which events are entered into blocks. New data is verified using an algorithm that has been programmed in the blockchain and saved to a new block if the old block is full, which is then linked to the previous block. This results in a group of data blocks that have been chronologically linked together. The blockchain can be either public or private. Due to its features, the blockchain is transparent and safe, since old data cannot be falsified afterwards and all events in the chain can be verified at any time. Strong information security, auditing possibility as well as the secure storing of value, authenticity and ownership are therefore built-in features of the blockchain.

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