Finland: salmonella infection

In Finland 25 dairy and beef cattle farms are under restrictions because of salmonella infection. 19 of these 25 cases have been detected during this year, 7 cases are from last year (2018). Jackdaws (Corvus monedula) are suspected to spread salmonella in the western part of the country, but there are other reasons for infections as well. One of those is rodents which are bringing the bacteria to the farms. There have been several types of Salmonella in cattle farms (S. Altona, S. Diarizonae, S. Enteritidis, S. Infantis, S. Konstanz, S. Typhimurium). This year is exceptional, because normally less than 10 salmonella cases are found from Finnish cattle farms during a year. In Finland all the salmonella infections will always be eradicated from any farm producing animal products. In Finland there is an eradicating program in samples are taken from all around the farm (feeds, barn, animals, birds, …). They will search the origin of salmonella and then decide how to eradicate it. Normally cattle get clean from the bacteria, if they do not get new infection. When feeds are infected, they will be destroyed. Farms have insurances for that.

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