France: Dairy data

In France in 2018 on milk recording farms the average dairy cow realized 2.4 full lactations. Four or more lactations were realized by 21.3 percent of the dairy cows. The average 305 days milk yield was 7396 kilogram milk with 3.93 percent fat and 3.19 percent protein. Of the cows 65.7 percent was Holstein, 17.9 percent was Montbeliarde, 7.9 percent was Normande and 8.4 percent were other breeds. Average 305 production of Holsteins was 7969 kg milk with 3.91 percent fat and 3.14 percent protein; of Montbeliarde 6565 kg milk with 3,86 percent fat and 3.28 percent protein; of Normande 5880 kg milk with 4.17 percent fat and 3.41 percent protein. (Source: Institut de l’ Elevage)

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