Great Britan: ‘Arla UK 360’

In the United Kingdom last year the Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla unveiled a farming standards model called ‘Arla UK 360’ to bring sustainable change to dairy farming in the UK. The Arla UK 360 program covers the six areas essential to building a profitable, responsible dairy farm business. It incorporates best practice in today’s dairy farming across animal health and welfare, people development, environment and natural resources, community engagement and economic resilience and reinvestment, and will then drive a vision for research and development areas that will lead the UK dairy agenda, Arla states. As part of Arla UK 360 Arla has decided that starting 1-1-2020 it will no longer be allowed that calves born on an Arla members farm will before eight weeks of age will be slaughtered or euthanized. To help farmers with this Arla has made an agreement with UK supermarket chain Morrisons that it will sell veal of those calves. For this the farmers can sell the calves to the veal producer Buitelaar.

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