Austria: facts and figures regarding dairy

-Austria had in 2022 a number of 23178 dairy farms, which was 2.9 percent less than in 2021. Average they kept 23.8 cows and delivered 151000 kilogram milk.
-In Austria in 2022 a volume of 3.5 million tonnes milk (+2.9%) was taken in by dairies.
-Austria exported in 2022 a volume 181000 tonnes (+6.8%) cheese and imported 132000 tonnes (+-) cheese. Cheese is Austria’s main dairy export product. The export value of dairy products increased by 26.2 percent to a record of 1.7 billion (10*9) euro. The foreign trade balance was positive at EUR 643 million (+29.4%). Main export country for Austrian dairy products is Germany, in sequence followed by Italy, Holland and Greece. Austria is also imporing most dairy products from Germany, followed by the same countries in the same sequence.
-Austria exported in 2022 almost 24000 breeding cattle which was 717 head or 3.1 percent more than in 2021. Of those 55 percent were marketed within the European Union, the remaining 45 percent in third countries. The largest customer was Italy. Almost half of all animals went to Austria’s neighboring countries (11076 animals), followed by 5000 animals (21%) exported to the Near East and Central Asia and North Africa. Algeria had the largest share with 4800 animals (20%).

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