Dubai: Dairy Methane Action Alliance (DMAA)launched

Six European and American dairies and food companies Bel Group, Danone, Nestlé, Lactalis, General Mills and Kraft Heinz together with the international Environmental Defense Fund have at COP 28 in Dubai launched the Dairy Methane Action Alliance (DMAA). The companies will set a new standard for accountability, transparency, and climate action. They are the first to commit to annually account and publicly disclose methane emissions within their dairy supply chains, and they are each pledging to create and implement a comprehensive methane action plan. Environmental Defense Fund is taking the lead in the Dairy Methane Action Alliance and is offering companies technical support and best practices for accounting and disclosure and access to research and solutions. The sustainability nonprofit Ceres will provide technical guidance support and lead the development of a methane action plan template that aligns with investor and corporate expectations as well as helping to ensure companies are making progress against key plan milestones.

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