Finland: 2021 average carbon footprint produced at Valio’s dairy farms

In Finland in 2021 the average carbon footprint of milk produced on the dairy farms of suppliers of the Finnish largest dairy cooperative Valio was 1.06 kilogram CO2 equivalents/litre. Last year, a number of 1000 dairy farms, about a quarter of Valio’s member dairy farms in Finland, calculated the carbon footprint of the milk they produced. A certified ”Valio Carbo” -environmental calculator is used in the calculation. The carbon footprint in Valio’s dairy farms ranged from 0.7 to 1.4 kilogram CO2 equivalents/litre. Valio’s goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of milk production to zero by 2035. Another dairy cooperative in Finland, Arla Suomi, daughter of the Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla, reported in March 2021 an average footprint of their supplying farms of 1.03 kilogram CO2 equivalents/litre. To compare: according to the FAO, the world average is about 2.5 kg CO2 equivalents/litre. The goal of Arla is international to achieve carbon neutrality of milk by 2050. Arla Suomi, which operates in Finland (and has total of 447 Finnish supplying dairy farms) has set itself the goal of reducing emissions from dairy farms by 30 percent by 2025. All of Arla Suomi’s dairy farms have calculated the carbon footprint of the milk produced in the farm.

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