Finland: Valio launches „Food 2.0“

In Finland the dairy cooperative Valio is launching an extensive research, development and innovation project called Food 2.0. Its goal is to create a Finnish nature-smart food system in which growth, profitability and added value are built on the basis of sustainable production. The duration of the program is five years. The project has been granted 10 million euro funding in Business Finland’s challenge competition for leading companies. In addition, Business Finland is preparing to fund ecosystem projects on the Food 2.0 roadmap with 20 million euro. Business Finland is a Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Valio’s role is to initiate and lead wide-ranging cooperation as well as research and development projects with its current and new partners. Hundreds of companies and other operators are connected to the food system in Finland and the goal is to have at least one hundred partners in the network. Valio’s and the ecosystem’s goal is to invest 100 million euro more in research and development activities over five years and to increase exports connected to the food system by more than one billion (10*9) euro in the following years after the project has ended. Valio is the first food company that Business Finland has chosen.

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