France: dairy farms participated in milk production control

In France in 2022 nearly 30500 dairy farms with average nearly 65 cows participated in milk production control. This was about 6.5 percent fewer farms than in 2021. More than 90 percent of the number of cows belong to the Holstein, Montbéliarde and Normande breeds. In an average of 345 days (+1) the average milk production was 8878 (-9) kilograms with an average of 4.06 percent fat and 3.27 (-0.2) percent protein. Of the farms 57.9 percent had a somatic cell count of less than 300000 cells per millilitre of milk in all inspections and 10.3 percent had a somatic cell count of more than 800000 cells in two or more inspections. The average production of Holsteins was 9746 kilograms of milk, of Montbéliarde 7635 kilograms of milk and of Normande 7062 kilograms of milk.

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