France: process of merging of Innoval, Masterrind and VikingGenetics has been stopped

The owners of Innoval in France, Masterrind in Germany and VikingGenetics (owned by Faba, Växa and VikingDanmark) in the Nordic countries, have decided to stop the process of merging the three companies Innoval, Masterrind and VikingGenetics into Arcowin. This is due to legal and technical issues, that has ended in a possible structure not being beneficial for the members. The in 2020 announced cooperation between the French breeding cooperative Evolution, the German breeding cooperative Masterrind and the Scandinavian breeding cooperative VikingGenetics (owned by the Finnish Faba, Swedish Växa and Danish Vikingdanmark) should have been realized with a merge into the new dairy and beef genetic cooperative Arcowin which would represent 53000 farmers and should have been effective on January 1, 2022. The three partners will continue to work on common breeding programs and collaborate on some R&D projects, but each company operating independently

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