Germany: BMI – three-digit million euro investment

In Germany in the southern state Bavaria, the dairy cooperative Bayerische Milchindustrie (BMI) will convert its Zapfendorf location into the most modern ingredients plant in Europe with a three-digit million euro investment. High-quality milk and whey derivatives will be produced in the new plant, which will be used primarily in products such as baby food and performance nutrition in late 2026. BMI has 30 milk supplying cooperatives, dairies and financing members. As one of the main German dairies BMI processes annually more than 800 million kilograms of milk and 2 billion (10*9) kilograms of whey at six production sites in Bavaria and Saxony-Anhalt. The export share is 49 percent. BMI is one of the largest whey processors in Germany; in addition, the production of cheese is another mainstay.

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