Germany: milk production control year 2022/2023 – figures

In Germany in the milk production control year 2022/2023 average milk production was 9378 kilogram milk with 4.09 percent fat and 3.48 percent protein. This was 252 kilogram milk more than in the previous year. There were 3.27 million cows tested. This was 44500 cows less than in the previous year. Tested herds had average 95.6 cows with a variety of average 57 cows in the southern state Bavaria and 456 cows in the eastern state Berlin-Brandenburg. Average somatic cell count was 230000 cells per millilitre. Of the tested cows 77.3 percent had a cell count less than 200000. In the southern state Bavaria where the most cows were tested (892451) average production was 8337 kilogram milk with 4.18 percent fat and 3.52 percent protein. However: the highest average milk production was realized in the eastern state Sachsen-Anhalt were 88500 cows tested 10470 kilogram milk with 3.97 percent fat and 3.45 percent protein.

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