Great Britain: project of First Milk, Nestlé and Agricarbon

In the United Kingdom the dairy cooperative First Milk, the global private food company Nestlé and Agricarbon, a company that is soil sampling and mapping, have launched of a pioneering soil carbon capture project – the first of its kind in the world. The project, which establishes a comprehensive and scientifically robust soil carbon baseline for First Milk farms, will use state-of-the-art machinery to carry out intensive soil carbon analysis at a fraction of the usual cost. The approach allows soil carbon sequestration to be quantified over time to support the net zero ambitions of First Milk farmers and customers. The initial phases of the project are being conducted in partnership with Nestlé, which is supporting this as part of its climate journey roadmap, building robust scientific data, with partners, to effectively drive meaningful progress in carbon reduction through its supply chain. The project will see high intensity, field-by-field soil carbon stock quantified across 40 farms, with the intention to extend this to 100 First Milk farms by the end of 2021. First Milk has started a program to become carbon net zero by 2040, among others by regenerative action plans for all First Milk members, to sequestering 100 000 tonnes of carbon in soils per annum by 2025.

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