Great Britain: Zero Emission Livestock Project

The United Kingdom based Zero Emission Livestock Project and the multinational company Cargill will cooperate to market a methane reducing mask for cattle, in particular dairy cows. ZELP claims that the nose masks can reduce the emission of methane by a cow with 53 percent. The market introduction of the masks is expected in 2022. ZELP states that the it has developed a technology to oxidise the methane present in cattle exhalations. The technology measures, captures and oxidises methane in real-time. The novel aspect of this technology lies in the process for oxidising the highly diluted methane exhaled by cattle. This process incorporates novel catalytic technology that has been successfully trialled on animals with efficiencies of up to 53%. This technology has also been successfully tested through numerous behavioural trials which evaluate the impact of the wearable on animal behaviour as well as production yields, rumination, rest and activity periods and feed intake, according to ZELP.

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