Holland: GEA and Unilever aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions

In Holland GEA and Unilever are joining forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in dairy farming by installing GEA’s manure enricher on four dairy farms that supply milk to Unilever. With the enricher through plasma technology, nitrogen from the air is added into the manure. At the same time, the manure enricher technology utilizes all available nutrients on the farm by reducing ammonia losses, that typically occur during storage and field application, by up to 95 percent. Over a one-year period, the data of these systems will be analysed to measure their impact on Unilever’s carbon footprint. Unilever and GEA will assess and scale up the potential of the system to significantly reduce GHG emissions throughout the milk production process, improving Unilever’s sustainability along its value chain.

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