Holland: new quality assurance scheme

The Dutch dairy industry has developed a new quality assurance scheme “Dairy product from Dutch milk”. It appears that foreign dairy producers are increasingly benefiting from the good quality image of the Dutch dairy sector. It sometimes happens that foreign milk or dairy products are exported to the Netherlands, repackaged or processed in order to eventually be marketed as a Dutch product, according to the Dutch Dairy Organization. The assurance takes place in the entire chain, from the Dutch dairy farm, milk transport, suppliers, production to the end product. The schedule focuses on cow milk only. The product is a dairy product or a composite product of which at least 10 percent of the dry matter consists of dairy ingredients; and the product is intended for human consumption. The preparation of the “Dairy product from Dutch milk” takes place entirely by accredited dairy producers and processors established in the Netherlands. Only the packaging of the end product may be carried out by companies established abroad.

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