Holland: Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods produces milk powder from goat milk

In Holland the private dairy Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods has started production of milk powder from goat milk. For now the powders are made for the Asian and American markets, where goat milk powder is processed in the cheese and infant food industries. For the time being, Vreugdenhil is purchasing the goat milk from partners in the Netherlands so that customer relationships and volume can be built. Goat milk is easily digestible because its protein has a different composition than cow milk, making it particularly popular in Asian countries. Vreugdenhil states that in addition to goat milk, the company will also process organic milk and is looking at opportunities to process plant-based products. Vreugdenhil is specialised in milk powder, with four production locations in the Netherlands where it processes more than one billion (10*9) kilograms of milk per year into milk powder which is exported to 130 countries.

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