Sweden: 15 newly startet dairy farms for Arla

In Sweden over the next year, the original Denmark/Swedish dairy cooperative Arla will get 15 newly started dairy farms as member. When someone takes over an existing farm that person automatically becomes a member of the cooperative. Arla states that it currently has limited opportunities to accept farmers who want to switch from other dairies. But on the other hand it is important to secure food supply in Sweden and to contribute to feeding the rapidly growing population in the world. In that case more Swedish milk is needed in the long term, according to Arla. Most of the 15 new farms today have meat production, some have had dairy cows before and a couple currently have no animals at all. Two of the farms will probably start production as early as this autumn, but the rest will start next year. When all are operational, Arla expects them to deliver approximately 11 million kilograms of conventional milk per year.

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