Sweden: average milk production per cow decreased

In Sweden in the milk year from September 2021 until August 2022 average milk production per cow was 10419 kilograms or 10917 kilogram ECM (ECM: energy-corrected milk, taking into account the fat and protein content.) This is less than the annual results from the previous year 2020/21 that showed the average yield of 10521 kg milk or 11009 kg ECM. Average production of the main breed Holstein Friesian which has a share of almost 60 percent of the Swedish dairy herd was 11367 kilogram ECM, average production of the Swedish Red Breed which has a share or more than 30 percent was 10445 kilogram ECM. In the same period the number of cows per farm increased from 97 to 99 head, but the total number of cows decreased 5.5 percent because more than seven percent of the farms stopped milking.

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