Sweden: border of 11000 kg ECM has been crossed

In Sweden the average milk yield of recorded cows has first time reached crossed the border of 11000 kg ECM. (ECM: energy-corrected milk, taking into account the fat and protein content.) Annual results from season 2020/21 show the average yield of 10521 kg milk or 11009 kg ECM. This is an increase of 289 kg of milk and 330 kg ECM. The number of cows in Sweden decreased 2.5 percent and the number of herds decreased 5.9 percent.The average number of cows per herd increased from last year’s 93 to this year’s 97 cows. Of the cows 62.5 percent belongs to the Holstein breed and 36.2 percent to the Swedish Red breed (SRB) breed.

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