Sweden: trucks running on biogas from cow manure for Arla

In Sweden in the past two months the original Denmark/Swedish dairy cooperative Arla has purchased fifteen new trucks that run on biogas from cow manure. Today Arla – own and hauliers – has a total of 41 biogas trucks in its Swedish fleet, and another eight are on the way before the end of the year. According to the latest figure from 2021, 89 Swedish Arla farms had biogas production, either by making biogas themselves or by delivering manure to a biogas plant. The goal is to increase the number of farms to 160 by 2030. Arla is now collaborating with the Finnish company Gasum to map out where it is possible to build large-scale plants for the production of liquefied biogas produced from farm manure. Last spring, ground was broken for a new biogas plant in Götene, which will receive about 350 000 tonnes of manure annually from around a hundred farmers in the local area.

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