The Netherlands: 2021 figures re. milking systems/robots/parlous

Holland had in December 2021 a number of 15489 farms/locations where was milked. Totally they used 18477 milking systems, including robots. Most used was still the herringbone parlour with 4776 parlours which was 366 less than at the end of 2020, followed by 4679 robotic milkers, 166 more than one year before. The number of side-by-side parlours decreased with 59 to total 3762 parlours. Next were rotary parlours of which the number decrease with 21 to 896. The number of tied barns decreased with 60 to a number of 739. The number of swing-over parlours decreased with four to total 463 parlours, the number of tandem parlours decreased with 29 to 344.

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