The Netherlands: Royal FrieslandCampina changes statures

In Holland the Board of dairy cooperative Royal FrieslandCampina has for the first time a Chair who is not a dairy farmer by himself. To make this possible the statures of RFC had to be changed. The new Chair: mr. Sybren Attema was in the past a dairy farmer and held until 2010 board positions at various legal predecessors of FrieslandCampina for eighteen years. As Chairman of Friesland Foods, he was closely involved in the merger of Friesland Foods with Campina, and subsequently he held the role of Vice-Chairman of Royal FrieslandCampina for two years. In 2010 Attema stopped dairy farming and stepped down from his board duties to join RFC as Regional Manager of its Dairy Development Programme in Southeast Asia, a role he fulfilled until 2019.

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