Troostwijk: Online auction

Bankruptcy Dairy Plant Herzgut Germany
Detail regarding the auction:
Online auction of a modern and complete diary plant for (bio-)milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter production plant cap. 50 mio kg yearly (Westfalie seperator, APV, Egli, Stephan, GEA slicing, Elopac filling, Trepko packing etc.) and 40x s/s storage tanks cap. 2 mio liters originating from the renowned bankruptcy of Herzgut Landmolkerei eG at Rudolstadt (close to Erfurt) in Germany.
The collection will take place from Monday June 12th up to Friday June 30th.
Beginning of the auction: Thurthday 11th May 2023/16:00 GMT+2
End of the auction: Tuesday 30th May 2023/14:00 GMT+2
Attention: please have a look at terms and conditions:

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