UK: RABDF discusses growing labour crisis in dairy industry

In the United Kingdom the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has hosted a roundtable at the House of Lords of the parliament to discuss the growing labour crisis in the dairy industry and outline ways to overcome it. The meeting included government officials, UK colleges, dairy farmers, human resource and people experts, processors and an expert panel member from the Shortage of Labour in the Food and Farming Sector. From covering the immediate labour needs versus the longer labour needs, through identifying and improving the image of dairy farming, the roundtable covered a wide range of important issues to help overcome the issue and identified some key actions to take forward. It is clear that access to foreign labour is something we still need in the short term, according to RABDF. However, for the long term we need to look at a myriad of options from education in schools, brand building, skills development, attracting employees from diverse backgrounds, and setting up a dairy scholarship scheme, as examples, according to RABDF.

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