United Kingdom: Arla announces growth ambitions

In the United Kingdom the Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla has announced new growth ambitions in the UK for the next five years. As part of the growth strategy, Arla will also explore export opportunities out of the UK for the first time as well as the need for more milk, from existing and potentially new farmer owners in the UK. Britain’s largest dairy cooperative is planning long-term investments in its UK supply chain, key sales channels and market leading brands. Over the next five years, Arla looks to grow its UK business through a combination of branded and added-value private label innovation in prioritised categories like liquid milk, yogurts, butter and spreads, milk-based beverages and cheese. The ambition is to grow the branded share of the revenue to 45 per cent from 38 per cent. Arla also targets more than 50 percent growth across its UK organic retail and foodservice business in the next five years. Arla will explore opportunities to begin exporting raw milk from the UK to supply Arla’s global supply chain and has begun trials to move milk to its European processing sites.

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