Austria: conversion factor changes from January on

In Austria starting January 1, 2022 milk deliveries to Austrian dairies will be converted by a factor of 1.03 litres into kilograms. Currently, a conversion factor of 1.025 still applies. Milk is measured almost exclusively volumetrically in litres when it is collected from the farm. The litres are then converted into kilograms by a factor. This is the basis for the payment of the milk money to the farmers. The specific gravity of milk is 1.03, although small fluctuations are possible due to seasonal changes in the ingredients (fat, protein, lactose). Due to the earlier conditions of milk reception in milk truck and the associated slight air confinement during suction, the conversion factor in Austria was already set at 1.025 in the 1970s. The increase in the conversion factor to the fixed amount of 1.03 from 1 January 2022 takes into account the technical development of the milk receiving devices and the use of ever larger milk tanks on the farm.

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