Denmark: Arla Food Ingredients goes for partnership wish ENORM

The Denmark headquartered dairy cooperative Arla has through its daughter company Arla Foods Ingredients teamed up with ENORM, Northern Europe’s largest insect farm, in a partnership that has the intention to significantly reduce food waste. The partnership will focus on the re-use of de-lactosed permeate (DLP) which is a residual dairy stream generated in large volumes during lactose production. Most DLP is currently used as material for biogas production, which is a less preferable option than re-use for animal feed according to the food waste hierarchy set out in the EU’s Waste Framework Directive. From early 2024 Arla will supply up to 15 truckloads of DLP a week to ENORM. When a new facility is up and running, it will be able to produce 100 tonnes of black soldier fly larvae daily which is enough for more than 10000 tonnes of insect meal.

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