Sweden: Norrmejerier aims at more sustainability


In Sweden the northern dairy cooperative Norrmejerier has adjusted its organization to pay more attention to sustainability. Norrmejerier is owned by about 500 farmers. It processes about 200 million kilograms of milk per year into a wide range of dairy products. Norrmejerier wants to reduce climate emissions from its own operations by 40 percent and climate emissions in the supply chain, including farms, other raw materials, packaging and transport, by 25 percent by 2030. The dairy has already taken measures to reduce the climate impact on farms. Using, among other things, soy-free feed, feed supplements that reduce methane emissions from cows, manure with a low climate footprint and only electricity from renewable sources, milk is produced that has an at least 25 percent smaller climate footprint than the average milk in Sweden. Currently, almost 90 percent of Norrmejerier’s packaging is recyclable and the goal for this is to be 100 percent by 2025. The majority of packaging nowadays consists of cardboard, which can be reused up to seven times in other cardboard products.

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