Finland: milk consumption ist falling

In Finland milk in 2019 milk consumption fell by about five per cent from the previous year. The same happened in 2018. The consumption of skimmed milk decreased by almost eight per cent, low fat milk by about four per cent and whole milk by one per cent. In total, an average of 102 liters of milk was used per capita last year. The proportions of use of different types of milk remained unchanged: 57 percent skimmed milk, 30 percent low fat milk and just over 10 percent whole milk. On average, consumption of dairy products either fell slightly or remained unchanged. Consumption of sour milk, yogurt and cream decreased by a few percent. Consumption of other milk-based fresh products, such as flavored curds, increased. In 2019, a total of 148 kilogram of liquid dairy products were used per capita, which is about four percent less than in the previous year. Cheese consumption decreased slightly and was about 25 kilogram per capita. The consumption of butter was also slightly less than in the previous year, 3.3 kilogram per capita.

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