Great Britain: Dairy Roadmap initiative launches climate ambition

In the United Kingdom de Dairy Roadmap initiative has launched its climate ambition for the dairy sector. The main goals are to reach Net Zero carbon by 2050 and to maintain positive actions which reduce climate warming caused by methane and nitrous oxides. The Dairy Roadmap Climate Ambition outlines the intention to support the globally recognised goal to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius and the UK government’s commitment to Net-Zero by setting a minimum standard for improvement across the industry. Whilst not every farm or company within the UK dairy sector will be able to deliver Net Zero, as a whole the UK dairy sector must play its role in supporting the delivery of Net Zero and all parts of the industry must work together to secure a sustainable and low-carbon future for the dairy sector, according to the initiative. The Dairy Roadmap acts as a cross-industry approach to the setting of targets and driving progress on the environmental ambitions and commitments made by the UK dairy sector. The aim of the Dairy Roadmap initiative is to improve the environmental sustainability of the UK dairy sector whilst ensuring the continued prosperity of the industry, and the provision of safe, affordable, nutritious and sustainable climate-friendly dairy produce for years to come.

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