Great Britain: First Milk offers digital mapping tool

In the United Kingdom the dairy cooperative First Milk will show its commitment to regenerative farming principles as a core part of its net zero 2040 strategy, with the launch of a digital tool to capture regenerative farming plans for each of its farmer members, along with an associated bonus payment for members. Members have been asked to complete an individual Regenerative Farming Plan by the end of March 2022. These plans will detail their current practices and planned changes to reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon sequestration and biodiversity. To help make this process easier, First Milk offers a unique digital mapping tool, to enable quick and accurate completion of regenerative plans, providing field-level data. A new Regenerative Farming Bonus of 0.5 penny per litre (0.58 eurocent per litre)) will then come into effect from April 1, 2022 for all those members that have committed to a plan.

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