UK: not enough manpower on dairy farms

In the United Kingdom the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has called the government for help to have sufficient manpower. For that dairy farmers want permission to hire foreign workers. According to RABDF the current exodus of dairy farmers is a worrying trend lack of labour has a big part to play in that. Many farmers are at a crossroads with declining support, and for them to plan and invest for a sustainable future, they must have confidence that both skilled and permanent labour will be available. Of a focus group of dairy farms almost half employed foreign workers because they couldn’t recruit from the domestic workforce. Antisocial working hours and not enough people interested in the industry were the main reasons they gave for not being able to recruit. Forty percent also said unsociable working hours were the main reasons for staff leaving. RABDF believes access to foreign labour is something the dairy industry needs.

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