The Netherlands: dairy cows – figures

In Holland in the milk year 2020/2021 the average milk production per year of recorded cows increased six kilogram to 9209 kilogram with 4.43 percent fat and 3.61 percent protein. Average lifetime production of milk recorded dairy cows was 35624 kilogram milk with 4.37 percent fat and 3.57 percent protein, which was 1624 kilogram milk more than in the previous year. Average lifetime when leaving the farm increased 48 days to 2180 days. Between first time calving and last milk recording they made 1325 days. First calving age was average 776 days. Average milk production per day increased 0.2 kilogram to 28.7 kilogram. The rolling annual average (365 days) per cow was 9203 kilogram milk with 4.40 percent fat and 3.60 percent protein. Average milk recording farm had 106 cows, two more than in the previous year. Average calving interval was 408 days. Average cow calves 3.7 times before leaving the farm.

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