Finland: Valio reduces amount of plastic

In Finland the dairy cooperative Valio is reducing the amount of plastic used for packaging and is increasing the proportion of recycled plastic used. All the packaging is now recyclable. During the autumn, Valio will stop the use of covers with plastic spoons for quarks and puddings. This reduces the amount of plastics used in these packages by 44 percent. That means about 150 000 kilogram of plastic a year, an amount that corresponds to about seven million plastic bags. Valio is also making a partial shift to recycled plastic packaging for all of Valio’s cheese slices, and their overall plastic content is also being reduced. In Finland more than 55 percent of packaging material is made from recycled plastic. Thinner packaging saves 70 000 kilogram of plastic per year. Thinner packaging is easier to squeeze into a small area to save space in rubbish bins and in rubbish transportation.

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